• Great for motorcross, ADV and ATV
  • The largest ski resort in the country
  • Hotels, champagne and expensive things
  • Wide 75km, the highest top 2.017m
  • Medieval cities: Ras, Maglic, Koznik
  • One part is national park, several waterfalls
  • Ascents and descents from the mountain for R engines
  • Adriatic Sea is 350km away
  • For motorcoss riders: do not compete with locals, they have more alcohol in your blood than you

One of the most beautiful mountains to ride. The whole mountain is intersected by roads. ADV motorcycles can go almost anywhere, even some more ambitious touring models. Asphalt approaches are on all 4 sides of the mountain, as well as in the middle. The food is unique and delicious, as in other parts of the Balkans. For those with a deeper pocket, luxury in ski resorts is at an enviable level. From the top of the mountain you can go to Montenegro, Albania or through central Serbia to Europe. Nearby is Celijsko Lake, Josanicka Banja, Lukovska Banja … But the whole area is so beautiful to drive that you will not even descend from the higher parts of the mountain. I have to say once again: Don’t race on the weekends with the locals riding motocross bikes. They grew up on them, they know the mountain perfectly and it is very interesting for them to think that you are better than them.

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